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    • Hello Paul, we are happy to have you as a pf forum member. Welcome!

      • Hi Mark, my first blog on your interesting site. This spring had shortness of breath, then family Dr, then xray, then CAT scan etc and diagnosed with moderate IPF, Monday. Pulmonologist lightly suggested Ofev and will be receiving shortly. Lucky I live in a country (Canada) that looks after common patients and not just the rich, Most articles say Ofev and Esbriet are aprrox equal but 2 prestigious independent sites say Ofev (not Esbriet) is more dangerous than helpful. The number 1 site in the world for evaluating drugs with no industry influence is the World renowned Prescrire which is French and they clearly recommend NOT taking Ofev! Here it is, you can put into G Translate; https://www.prescrire.org/Fr/202/1843/56008/0/PositionDetails.aspx
        Another one is; Univ of British Columbia site, fully backing this up; https://www.ti.ubc.ca/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/108.pdf.
        What do bloggers think of these facts? Do others know of INDEPENDANT non industry influenced sites? I am dubious about my choice of Ofev over Esbriet??

        • Hello Paul, thank you for sharing your data. When I had to choose between the two I was given an unbiased verbiage on the pros and cons of each medicine. I chose Ofev because of my desire to be in the sun. I had minor gastric problems but the Ofev did what it was supposed to do. There is research to support the effectiveness of both medicines. If you look up professional research on these medicines I think you will find what you are looking for. Thank you again Paul. Mark

      • Welcome from a fellow Canadian @paulcfromcanada! 🙂

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