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My father has been diagnosed with IPF; It was very sudden; He does not have any history of drinking or smoking. He has a history of High BP, and is Diabetic and has been on medication for High BP, Diabetes and Thyroid . Had been leading a perfectly normal and active life. He is 77 and was still active professionally . Hence with this IPF he is feeling very restricted and not happy at all.
After been on steroid for almost 8 months , doc has started him with Prefenex 200 mg (3 times a day); He has started to have side effects for these like loss of appetite, no taste or enhanced sugary taste, lethargy and nausea.. He takes oxygen at sleep time (at night) and at rest he has a oxygen level of 94 which was 90 till last week..
He is completely clueless what has hit him and is unable to understand the disease as its not common in India (now its increasingly becoming common) . We have not been able to disclose to him that it does not have any complete cure and at best it can only be managed.
I need help on
1. how to reduce the above side effects of Prefenex (Pirfenidone)
2. supplements to take to heal the lungs faster ; He also takes Blood thinner so i think one cant take some supplements mentioned in the discussions above
3. Exercises to do ??
4. Foods to eat and avoid
5. Any support groups if any one is aware of in India

How did you find us?


How long have you or the person that you are caring for had PF?

8 months is what we know; though doctors say it was there but never got detected as it was dormant