Roger Mills



Year of Birth

1953-02-26 00:00:00

Short Bio

Though i have been retired from library work since 2003, i still work part-time as a non benefited aide. My wife passed away last June 17, 2017. My son is 15 and in the ninth grade.

Type of Diagnosis


Treatment / Medical Facility

Novant Health Pulmonary Critical Care, 10030 Gilead Road Suite 300 Huntersville, NC 28078-7545

Current medication regimen

benzonatate (cough suppressent), flonase, Proair as needed. supposed to start esbriet soon.

Lung transplantation status

to be determined

Supplemental Oxygen


Best advice for PF symptom management

I try to keep moving. When i go to bed at night i cough up a lot of junk from my lungs. When i wake up the same happens. I cough for much of the day. My pulmonologist is set to start me on esbriet. pulmonary rehab, using a machine at home to check my oxygen level at night. As a Christian, my faith in Jesus Christ is sustaining me through this.

Are you currently taking an anti-fibrotic medication?