• Roger Wenschlag posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    I checked with my pulmonologist about the level of O2 I should maintain. She said >89 is satisfactory. I’ve been trying to stay at at least 90 since I was diagnosed in July 2015. As the disease has progressed I’ve moved from a concentrator to liquid oxygen. I had tanks for a few months, but I found them to be labor intensive and noisy to fill. LOX is wonderful alternative, with distinct advantages. It has long duration (one liter of LOX is equivalent to 860 liters of gas), it is easy to fill my portable unit, and I can quickly dial in my liter flow from .5 LPM to 16 LPM, if I need it. Medicare will pay for LOX if your pulmonologist prescribes it. My supplier in Minneapolis is LinCare, a national firm. Most O2 service firms won’t handle LOX because it is labor intensive, i.e. delivery, etc.

    • Hello Roger, thanks for the info on the liquid o2. Also, I think you will feel better and have a little more pop in your step if you kept your oxygen stand over 94. You won’t be as tired and have more energy. Keep us up to date, mark.

    • Thanks so much for writing to us regarding this @roger-wenschlag – I know liquid oxygen is a “hot” topic among many patients living with IPF, particularly the struggle in getting this. I’m glad you have it and are finding it effective! Tanks and concentrators are cumbersome, I agree. Sounds like your physician and supplier are great, which is nice to hear as I know many patients who struggle with getting LOX and then even an insurance company that will pay for it. Thanks for writing to us and continue to be in touch. Charlene.

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