• Roger Wenschlag posted an update 2 years, 11 months ago

    I too read Megan’s thoughtful comments about her dad’s last days. My wife Megan’s comments too. I was diagnosed with IPF in July, 2015. Thankfully, I’ve got a wonderful pulmonologist who’s on top of everything — pulmonary rehab, Pirfenidone early in my disease, and oxygen. Plus, she won’t let me “get down” on myself which is my tendency in times ,like this. She says, “Keep moving, play golf until you can’t, take a trip while you can, and enjoy your friends and family.” As a result of her influence I have a much more positive mindset, and can deal with this illness better.

    PS — Even though Medicare funds my oxygen tank system (concentrator, compressor, and tanks), I have switched to liquid oxygen at my own cost (about $100/month). I find it to be more convenient, easier and quicker to fill, more flexible, lighter and more portable, and it provides pure oxygen (100% vs. 92-94% in tanks).

    • Hi Roger,

      Nice to hear from you, thanks for writing! I hope you’ve been doing well and getting out to play lots of golf 🙂

      It sounds like your Pulmonologist is great, this is so important in the process of our disease isn’t it? Glad she is on top of everything and encourages you each day with your disease. It is easy to get down on ourselves, I agree, and hope you’re able to keep up with some of her suggestions like going on trips, playing golf etc. Sounds like those things bring you great joy which is very important.

      Thanks for the information about the oxygen tanks too, wonderful to hear. I am not on liquid oxygen yet but something to keep in mind eventually.
      Take care,

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