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Hi Everyone

I have just been diagnosed with a small patch of fibrosis on one lung.

I have had Rheumatoid Disease for 25 years and noticed shortness of breath a few years ago.

I also have asthma so it took a while to get a diagnosis.

I have also had a pulmonary embolism diagnosed about 6 weeks ago which I think has cleared as I feel improved.

Ihave been on methotrexate 15 mg weekly for over 12 years but my pain levels have been uncomfortable on and off.

My situation now is that I get very very tired and short of breath on exertion.

Some days I am better especially if it is a dry heat.

My GP thinks I have another underlying condition as my inflammation markers are still high.

I also suffer from tachycardia and missed beats so having a ECG 24 hr monitor next week.

I was feeling completely overwhelmed and sorry for myself as I have special needs grandchildren whom i wnat to be involved with. they are in foster care and i want to make sure i have frequent contanct with them. I am trying to support my son who is very upset that he has lost his children, He has acquired brain damage and did the best he could. He has been very depressed but goes to work and tries to cope. I am proud of the way he is handling it all. But I feel useless right now.

Well thats some of my story.

Many thanks for reading


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PF News Website

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Unknown…. maybe three years

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