Sarv Punj



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March 23,1938



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My wife aged 77yrs plus was diagnosed with IPF about 8yrs back. She was put on heavy dose of steroids to start with but we switched over to Perfenidone which was approved by FadA for treatment of this disease. The dose was titrated to 800mg TDS. She could continue her normal routine of household work though her exercise tolerance was slowly waning as the disease is progressive. Perfenidone Helped to slow down the progress. She was advised to used Oxygen initially as and when required and as her breathlessness started to increase further she started using Oxygen at 3 to 5 lom. This last Feb she h ad sudden exacerbation of the illness and was hospitalised for 10 days.We were advised to add New Drug Nintedanib 150mg twice a day + Perfenidone 400 mg TDS. She needs wheel chair to move within the apartment with the help of an attendant. Oxygen requirement too has gone up. I just came across this form while looking for any homeopathic treatment for this disease and thought of registering here and benefit by the personal experience of members with various systems of treatment.

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I have mentioned in detail under Treatment

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The regimen stated under treatment seems to have benefitted my wife so far. Normally the prognosis for this disease is not so good.

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PF News Website

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Almost 8 years