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    I tried to follow everything about IPF and the Internet and read all the news. Unable to see a pulmonologist where I live, I sent my high-resolution CT chest scan to an online pulmonologist in India. He confirmed I have indications of the beginning of early stage fibrosis. This confirms the technician’s description of mild fibrosis. He highly recommended that I start taking pirfenidone. However, from all I’ve read and studied. I did not think that one takes this medication at such an early stage of the disease. I really have no means of checking the online doctors credentials. I wonder if any of your members are taking the medicine and when they started taking it. I’m still waiting to see the nearest pulmonologist who is on maternity leave. But I don’t think that will be soon. So any comments would be appreciated. Meantime, I’m going to hold off taking the pirfenidone. I don’t like the idea of having to take nine tablets a day and the possible side effects, fortunately I can buy the medicine at $0.20 a tablet, if I should really take it because I have no health insurance.

    • Hello Tony and welcome to the forum, you are very lucky to be able to purchase Esbriet for that price. My suggestion would be wait and meet with your pulmonologist before you start the meds. I was on OFEV which is similar to Esbriet in that both drugs may stop the progression of the disease. My disease was more advanced when I was prescribed.

      • Thanks very much for the advice. Anyone can buy the medicine online from India. I use PayPal and got 500 tablets sent me EMS within a week.

        • I am sure this information will help many of our forum members. Thank you

          • If anyone is interested , just Google pirfendone, India.

            • At last I have managed to obtain an appointment with a pulmonologist this coming Thursday. The hospital she works is two hours away and I have found someone to drive me there and back.
              At least I will know about the fibrosis stage and if I should take the pirfenidone or not.
              I am hoping it’s the latter because the thought of taking another nine pills a day is a bit overwhelming, and I am afraid of the side effects. I will update after I have seen the doctor.

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