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North Caldwell, New Jersey



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I’m 71 and was diagnosed with IPF in 2018 and have been on Esbriet ever since. I’m a Civil Engineer who spent 50 years designing site plans & subdivisions for residential & commercial projects predominantly in NJ. I also built a few houses, the most recent of which I completed in the spring of 2018 at which time I had very little if any evidence of any implications of my IPF. For the next 2 1/2 years my pulmonary function declined very slowly to the point that I needed to be on 2 to 3 liters/min of O2 when doing my every other day 1 hour on my stationary bike at 10 mph. Over the last 6 months my pulmonary function has declined more quickly to the point that now very minor exertion without O2 would push my O2 into the 70’s.

I continue to be on 867 mg of Esbriet 3 x per day with minor side effects including feeling tired & loosing weight easily however if I eat well my weight remains stable at a healthy weight.

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867 mg Esbriet 3 x per day while being treated by Dr Dimitry of Pumonary & Allergy Associates in the Morristown Hospital system.

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867 mg Esbriet 3x per day

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Supplemental Oxygen


Best advice for PF symptom management

Keep fit, use O2 when you need it, avoid exposure to flu, colds, Covid, etc remain optimistic, don’t get overtaken by blogs & reading about IPF (leave that to others if you can) while you focus on work or hobbies or enjoying your family, and always take one day at a time.

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3 1/2 years

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