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I recently had an open lung biopsy in December 2022 and I feel I’m still recovering from that surgery. My Pulmonary doctor said I needed it so he could know how to treat my disease. I was diagnosed with IPF, UIP, and ILD. In 2019 I was hospitalized with Covid pneumonia for o5 days and it seems like my health started to deteriorate from that time on. I live in Central Texas and I have awful allergies to the mountain cedar, so I struggle with that too. I got tired of being sick all the time with my allergies and sinus infections, so I decided to get allergy shots- it was the worst decision of my life! I received two shots a week, then I started getting pains in my joints. It got to the point where I was in so much pain I couldn’t sleep at night and wound up sleeping in my living room recliner so I wouldn’t wake up my husband. The pain was excruciating and I stayed up crying most of the nights. This pain went on for about 8 months and I felt like a zombie at work. I was so exhausted! Now I have IPF and I had a side effect from the Ofev the doctor prescribed for me. My blood pressure shot up real high and I became extremely dizzy and my tinnitus got very loud. My doctor told me to stop the Ofev (150mg.) to see if the symptoms went away and they were gone in about 36 hours. Now I have to go back to my pulmonologist to see where I go from here!
I heard that there is a new study for a medication called bersiporocin. I hope this medication can stop the growth of fibrosis, so all of us who have IPF can breathe better and extend our lifespan!

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I was first told the could see some scarring in my lungs in 2021

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