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PF of known aetiology

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Steroids, inhalers

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considering later, to be determined

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  • Still getting used to being a person that has an illness.  I was defenitly I’ll before this diagnosis of Pulmonary fibrosis was attached to the sickness.  I just didn’t know why I never had any energy or why I couldn’t ever quit coughing.  But I wasn’t being taken seriously by any Physians.  None of the proper tests were done for a correct diagnosis.  So now that everything has been finally done and I have a correct diagnosis…. What now? Aside from the obvious oxygen therapy,  and the ups and downs of being on steroids.  I am feeling better,  but still have zero energy and can not perform my duties as a pediatric nurse. My doctor acts like because I come in with a smile on my face and I’m trying to get up everyday and be a human… That’s everything is OK.  They drag there feet with paperwork essential for me to get help with food.  Won’t do any paperwork for SSDI.  I feel like I’m stuck in the middle of limbo.  Not well enough to work and possibly not sick enough to get disability.  I could lose my home.  I’m the main bread winner in my family.  I can’t fix anything.  I know that others have probably been thru these things.  I don’t want to seem ungrateful that I am doing better.  I am thankful and grateful.  I’m also glad that I’m not without hope,  I believe that because I am a child of the most high God of the Universe …. My plans are in His hands.  I hate to be fearful of the future.  That’s not the way I was taught.  But I confess that right now I have been going back and forth with feelings that don’t line up with the word of God.  So now that I have vented…. Let me encourage us… We have an advocate with the Father.  His name is Jesus Christ.  And thankfully we can ask anything of Him and we know he hears us,  loves us,  and as any good father,  will do. …wants us to have good gifts from him.  So today if your needing uplifted,  don’t forget we have a Heavenly Father who wants to know all your needs from your mouth.  Let’s tell him everything today and expect great results.  Thanks for letting me share.
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