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My Westie dog was diagnosed with Westie lung disease/IPF over 4 years ago. The maz they expected him to live was 6 months.  It is now 4+ years later and because of Class IV laser treatments, he is doing great!  Cold laser typically is not powerful enough, its under 500 watts. Many Chiropractors have the Class IV lasers now. It is so successful on our dogs that I started a closed Westie lung disease group. We have over 1,800 members and they all have seen amazing results.

Initially we did 2-3 treatments per week and after 3 weeks, went down to once or twice a week for 3 more weeks and continued to gradually taper it down. My dog now goes once per month. This laser is reasonably priced, noninvasive and has zero side effects.  I asked the Medical Veterinary Director from K Laser to be our groups Advisor 4 yrs ago and he still is 4 years later. He advises on the protocols and settings for the dogs in our group and is awesome.

Class IV laser has successfully treated many dogs with IPF and I am quite certain it will do the same for people.  It has been incredible having it to use on our dogs and grately not only reduce their symptoms and medications but give them a much longer and better quality of life.



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