• William Sherman posted an update 3 years, 10 months ago

    To All,
    Things are looking up. Got a call back from the VA, responding to my letter to them and guess what, they are agreeing to furnishing my Esbriet from here on out. That is really a big thing as I hate begging for somebody to cover my copay. As you may recall, my first month of copay for my Esbriet was $2,274.59. If VA follows through with their promise, my next month and from then on, will come from the VA.

    Another update. As most of you know, I also have Graves Disease and a possibly cancerous nodule on my Thyroid. Well had another Ultrasound yesterday and no more growth; but they wanted to adopt a “wait and see” attitude relative to the nodule, but that doesn’t fit with my future with IPF. I want things fixed now, so have contacted a world renowned Surgeon over at UTSW in Dallas and have a consult with him on the 29th about removing my Thyroid, so it can’t cause anymore problems. One episode of Hyperthyroidism is all I can take, it cost me 35 lbs. in a couple of months. Can’t help but think of what kind of ramification an attack like that can have on my IPF. —Also, met with my Ablation Doctor and he though my Afib was probably tied to my Thyroid problem, so wants to see me again after the Thyroid is taken care of.

    It has been a very busy month so far and by the way, I’m into my third week of Esbriet, up to 9 pills a day and really no side effects, except a slightly nauseated stomach on day. Good luck to all of you out there. William Sherman

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