30 Days of PF: Swimming Is My Happy Place

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Day 17 of 30

This is Terril McBride’s story:

My name is Terril McBride, and I have IPF, like my father before me, and my two brothers. I was diagnosed in 2015. However, I had many lung complications after having open heart surgery in 2014 to repair defects. Coupled with my family history, these were all clues leading to my eventual diagnosis.

In 2015, I became so dizzy and short of breath. I thought my heart surgery had failed. I couldn’t walk 10 feet without having to sit down. After my diagnosis, I got on Esbriet and started pulmonary rehab. I started to feel better on the days I went to rehab. That’s when I began swimming laps on my off days.

One year later, I swam in qualifying swim meets. In 2017, I competed in the National Senior Games, placing second in the 50-yard butterfly, and 6th in 50-yard freestyle. I’ve continued to swim and have qualified for the 2021 National Senior Games, to be held in May 2022.

Like others with IPF, I experience fatigue, shortness of breath, coughing, and stretches of time when I needed to be on oxygen. Doing laps is meditative and calming for me, and I swim pretty much every day.

I tend to have anxiety about my diagnosis. PF was something I did not think would happen to me, and I just decided to fight it with everything that I have. Given the genetic component of my disease, I also worry about how it will affect my children. And I’m worried about COVID-19 and potential variants that may render vaccine protection ineffective … so I swim. Swimming is my happy place. I am grateful for every day and every breath.

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