30 Days of PF: Taking My Time to Reveal My Diagnosis

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Day 24 of 30

This is Jofac O’Handlin’s story:

My story begins when my wife and I each suffered a bout of pneumonia in February 2013. When it came to recovery, Susan came out of it much sooner than I did, and the X-rays showed the damage to my lungs was significantly greater than it was to hers.

Prior to that, I was a fairly fit 71-year-old going out twice a week with my training partner of some 30 years, running about seven or eight miles on each occasion. Following pneumonia, I tried to get back to our regular training sessions, but it was proving hard. I was struggling after about half a mile.

That led to a follow-up scan of my lungs and a preliminary diagnosis, in August 2013, of IPF. The doctor’s bedside manner left something to be desired, with a blunt remark that there was no treatment for the condition. It was not until I looked online that I understood that IPF was untreatable and fatal.

With that understanding, I made the decision to NOT tell my family whilst my symptoms were minimal.

In December 2014, I had a lung biopsy. That was difficult to disguise, but I got away with it. Since I was, apart from the IPF, a fit and healthy individual, I was offered Ofev (nintedanib) in April 2015 on a “compassionate basis.” At that time, it had not been approved by the NHS as a free prescription.

It was during 2014 that my sister Shelagh also was diagnosed with IPF. I was still maintaining “radio silence,” but I tried to guide her toward NHS specialists without revealing my own condition. Hers was very obvious, with a barking cough. Shelagh was to survive less than two years from diagnosis, until just one week following her 85th birthday.

In July 2019, I gave up my training runs. It was OK to run downhill, but sheer hell to go uphill, and my training partner had to be told. In the same month, following a holiday in the Yorkshire Dales, I had to tell my family. They had received the benefit of six years of blissful ignorance.

In five months, I hope to make it to 80, still five years short of my sister’s age when she died. I hope to arrange my 80th party and to celebrate 50 years of marriage. Until then, I’m going for a walk.

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