30 Days of PF: We Are Stronger Together

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Day 27 of 30

This is Andrew Mooney’s story:

I was diagnosed with IPF nine years ago and am living with my condition as best I can. My wife, Lyn, has been at my side from the start and has been a constant support. Along with just about everyone I know with the disease, I was given my diagnosis after going to my GP repeatedly with a cough. A dry hacking cough.

After the initial Google search into IPF, the life expectancy of three to five years from diagnosis left me devastated. Gradually, I learned more about the condition. I managed to find a support group, and my consultant at Wigan and this brilliant team let me know my life was not over. The mutual support from people at all stages gave strength not only to me but also to Lyn.

I was prescribed Ofev and it worked well for me. I was holding my own until the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown came. My daily walks stopped. I had also been helping give three Tai Chi lessons a week. Those stopped as well, and my health declined significantly.

I am trying to get some conditioning back now while keeping my distance as much as possible, but the pandemic has probably cost me two years. I try to keep a positive attitude, which is very important. I try to live with my condition, not let it control me.

In this community, we don’t have a royal sponsor or celebrity leader to force us into the public spotlight. We just have a genuinely honest group of hard-working people giving everything to support us. I, for one, could not be more grateful to them, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

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