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      Hi Everyone,

      I believe this topic has been discussed on the forums before, albeit quite some time ago and we likely have many new members since then. I’ve been considering a new carry bag for my supplemental oxygen tanks, and thought I’d connect with the forums to see what others use.

      My oxygen provider helps me with equipment related to my 02 tanks, including carts to lug around my big tank (E-sized) and shoulder bags for my smaller cylinders. However, I’ve seen people with secure oxygen backpacks and can only imagine how much easier it is to lug the smaller tanks around with the weight evenly distributed on their back. Unfortunately, these are a very popular item with my oxygen provider and they only keep so many in stock. They also don’t allow “holds” on them for patients, so to obtain one it is a first come, first serve basis. As a result, I’ve not been lucky in obtaining one from my oxygen provider!

      Shortly after I was given oxygen initially in summer 2016, I did purchase a backpack on Amazon for my small D-sized tank, but it didn’t last very long. I didn’t expect it to, given the small price I paid for it and it wasn’t securely fastened on my back either. I no longer see many carry backpacks available on Amazon, but am keeping an eye on one by a company called DriveMedical. The price is right, but I am not sure of the quality based on the photos. Has anyone used this oxygen carry bag before?

      If you use a backpack for mobility with your smaller tanks, which products do you use?

      Any suggestions on where to buy these? Is Amazon likely the best option for me?

      Thanks in advance for any/all help!

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      Gary Kitahara

      I use a small hydration pack from Bass Pro to carry my Companion 1000T, it would carry 2 M6 or 1 M9 tank. I have been using this pack for several years.

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      Hi Gary,

      Thank you so much for getting back to me regarding this topic – I am so interested in finding a good solution to carry my small tanks on my back. We have a Bass Pro shop not too far from me, so I am going to look into this more closely, thanks again for sharing! From the link you provided, the strap over the shoulders look really secure as well, which is important to me and the price is right. This might be the solution I am looking for, thank you Gary! 🙂


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