• Karen Martin posted an update 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    I have an issue with the tubing from my home concentrator. I live in a ranch-style house, which means there is a good deal of footage from one end to the other. I have tried to centrally locate the machine, but I still need more than one piece of tubing since I get 25′ pieces from my provider. The house has several doorways, all with doors (built in ’62) and the connectors get caught under the door edges. I find myself being yanked back fairly often when this happens and suspect whiplash is in my future. It is aggravating, to say the least. Any suggestions? I suppose I could slow down or carry the tubing with me, but I often have things in my hands/arms and forget. Maybe someone could invent a reel to keep up with this pesky stuff. HAHA!

    • Hello Karen, you can ask your provider for a 50 ft oxygen tubing. That’ is about as much length where the oxygen will push thru at the appropriate rate. You will find you will not be as constricted with the longer tubing. We used to put the concentrator in a spare bedroom so we didn’t have to put up with noise or the heat generated from the machine. If the provider will not give you one you can always purchase online. I hope this helps, mark.

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