janis gorsline



Year of Birth

May 24, 1948







Short Bio

I was diagnosed a few months ago with IPF.  When I had my first chest x-ray Dr. said it was pneumonia and I had a slight temperature.  Later when I was referred to a specialist and had a second chest x-ray he diagnosed me with IPF.

I am in the process of waiting for my medication (Ofev) to be delivered to me possibly in the next few days.

What I have been reading about the drug I pray I will be able to take it without severe side effects.  I will keep thinking positive about this medication as I have been since I have been diagnosed.


Type of Diagnosis


Treatment / Medical Facility

Hotel Dieu in Kingston Ontario

Current medication regimen

When I receive Ofev I take one pill in the morning and 1 pill in the evening.

Lung transplantation status

to be determined

Supplemental Oxygen


Best advice for PF symptom management

Think POSITIVE.  Life is too short to worry about this disease.  Never thought I would have to face this disease but it is what it is and all the worrying in the world is NOT going to change anything.  I will be happy for the rest of my life.

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PF News Website

How long have you or the person that you are caring for had PF?

Since April of 2019.

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