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Dx 2021 Oct, confirmed via lung biopsy. Also have an autoimmune disease. Scleroderma, inflammation which causes my body to attack itself mainly the major organs, in my case anyway. I was put on Ofev, I Immediately I suffered with severe nausea, no appetite, fatigue, bp dropping. I am diabetic, Afib, Degenerative disk disease, just to name a few. I soon discovered I was not metabolizesing the Ofev, after 3 month and at loss 10 pds and muscle mass loss, my doc placed me on 150mg ea. day @ night. I take related meds to health issues about 6 pills twice a day. I am a young 68. Has anyone else experienced not being able to metabolize their meds (ofev) I was often confused, & now have essential tremors. Thank you for your help. Ellen

Type of Diagnosis

familial/genetic PF

How long have you or the person that you are caring for had PF?

Since Oct 21 after a lung biopsy, I have suspected I had PF, since my mother had it

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