George Poulsen



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Southlake, Texas



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Born 1940-Ohio

History of allergies and bronchitis, coughing  since childhood in the north. Breathing difficulties developing for more than 10 years now. Related issues in my opinion may be from multiple surgeries over time including heart, back surgery, joints and also hips replaced. However more recent info on Gerd and IPF makes me wonder if more logical. Officially diagnosed  2+ years ago and scans and x-rays support 10 years of developing evidence. Some Rheumatoid Arthritis. Officially diagnosed as Idiopathic (means they just don’t know source).


Diagnosis:  UTSW is Idiopathic IPF – Resistive type, also Cardio Pulmonary Hyper Tension

Type of Diagnosis


Treatment / Medical Facility

Pulmonologist, new patient after recomended by Cardiologist due to breathing difficulty when exertion eg walking slightly uphill, or breathless after bending over. Fair physical condition, little excercise

Current medication regimen

Hydroxychlorquine. Dulera inhaler twice / day and Guaffenesin to break up heavy phlegm production. They seem to work for now and am getting Inogen One oxy concentrator to help when under, don't like prognosis and also have Rheumatoid arthritis. May be in denialexertion

Lung transplantation status


Supplemental Oxygen


Best advice for PF symptom management

So far Dulera and Guaffenisen and lately have used a Vicks type patch that sticks to PJs. Simple but lets me sleep and also get started with the day until vertical. I also have found a very low dose pain med (rx)  1/4 of a 5 mg pill along with Tylenol once only in the morning lets me get started with back and neck/shoulder pain and somehow makes breathing just a bit easier.

Are you currently taking an anti-fibrotic medication?


How did you find us?


How long have you or the person that you are caring for had PF?

2 1/2 yrs officially but 10 years scans and xrays

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