• Ginger Adelstone posted an update 2 years, 9 months ago

    Starting to sweat profusely. Had to have rotator cuff surgery and sleeping in my chair for comfort. It’s leather, but I put a lightwievht blanket on it. So I’m not touching it direct. Then during the night I wake up with my arms actually sweating! I’ve gained weight and feel bloated. Weight gain from less movement due to healing. And becoming depressed. Don’t know how to let go of that…

    • Hello Ginger, I’m sorry to hear about your current troubles with starting. I don’t know far you are out from surgery but I have had problems with being overheated after surgery especially when taking pain medicines. Also I always felt the anesthesia may have had a hand in my overheating. I hope things get better soon. Best wishes, Mark.

    • Hi Mark,
      Things did improve, but I started having night sweats, not related to menopause, and I had found a supplement that kept me from getting sick from colds. Now I’m back sick again after nearly a whole year of no colds. It’s so discouraging. But, I also realize this disease will be with me forever. I just need to find more coping mechanisms.
      Hope you are doing well


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