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    • Hi Ginger, welcome to the PF forums. Thanks for joining us!

    • Hi @ginger-adelstone, thanks for your reply although so sorry to hear you keep catching colds/flus. That must feel terrible for you, and very frustrating as well! I worry about this too because similar to you, every cold or virus jeopardizes my lung function which is reflected in my PFTs dropping after every time I get sick. I’m not sure what I can suggest that would be helpful, other than my attempts to protect my immune system as much as possible: I generally try to avoid busy places/crowds especially during the winter months (like the mall). If I do attend I wear my Vogmask (www.vogmask.com) to protect me from germs and bacteria. Otherwise I am constantly washing my hands, I carry hand santizer around with me everywhere too and my hands are raw from how much I clean/wash them. I also take the highest dose of over-the-counter vitamin C that I can get, take 1 capsule daily. Do any of these suggestions help?


    • Most definitely! Thanks for the suggestion on the type of Mack. I too use hand sanitizer constantly, even after I sneeze around my nose and mouth area. Thank you Carlene!

    • I bought a mask for myself and a friend, who suffers heavily whenever he visits my frien here in all deom all the pollens and air pollution. Thank you! It’s made a big difference!

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