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I was diagnosed with IPF in January 2022, after having coughed for several years especially while working out and hiking.  In the fall of 2021 I  asked my GP to investigate. I was very healthy, very active, working out regularly even durning covid on zoom,  skiing , biking, hiking, boating, renovating a cottage on an island ! I am a professional artist painting predominately gardens, so spend lots of time outside.  My doctor ordered,  ECG, blood work, CT scan, Xray, Pulmonary Function Test. Was asked to see a respir0l0gist . Did a bronchoscopy , gastroscope! the Cat Scan told the story, I have IPF in one lung , mild to moderate diagnosis. Also an enlarged esophagus !  Started on OFEV 150mg 2/day  in July, by September I had to stop and take a breather . I was debilitated by diarrhea , nausea and then vomiting. Our government funding made the OFEV affordable and a nurse checked in on me every two weeks than every month now every 3 months.   Started again with the 100mg dose, I still have all those symptoms, but every so often. Enough that I am very fearful taking this medication. The other meds would be a nightmare, as I paint predominately outside, and could not take the chance of rashes on top of everything else. In late November 2022  I had Covid, it was relatively mild however had secondary  infections after that left me very weak and breathless I tried to walk down to meet a friend, but the cold and my coughing made it so difficult.   We went to Florida, driving, because my oxygen level was not the greatest for flying !  I have to say the sun and humidity was amazing .! For 3 weeks I could breath!  We biked and walked a lot, and I used the oximeter every day morning and nite and it was mostly in the high 90’s !!  I went with  portable oxygen tanks, never had to use them. I am supposed to have the larger tanks in my house for working out with.   Today , I just walked with my dog for over 2 hours and felt heavy legged as I got home but very little coughing. My oximeter reading was 97 ! I am forever hopeful and so thankful to find this site .! You all give me positive inspiration.


t in January 2022

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Treatment / Medical Facility

Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Dr Rebecca Colman

Current medication regimen

OFEV 100 mg 2/day

Lung transplantation status

to be determined

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Take the medication and use the supplemental oxygen if needed. Do bloodwork every 3 months, and pulmonary function/walk tests every 4 months.

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Since January 2022

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