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  • I am 79 years old and was diagnosed with IPF in September of 2015.  My pulmonologist immediately recommended Esbriet, remarking that Ofev seemed to have more side effects.

    I live in the US, but I have been ordering pirfenidone (the generic version) from Canada.  I have to pay out of pocket, but it is less than buying here even with insurance.

    Six and a half years later I still am not on O2 24/7, and I am convinced that is thanks to the Esbriet.  My lung function is declining, but slowly.

    With my pulmonologist’s permission, I have discontinued the Esbriet for sunny vacations, use Imodium when needed (rarely), take short breaks when needed, and take only a partial dose in the am.

    I am disappointed that there are physicians who do not at least offer these medications to their patients, especially since the studies show that they can extend the lives of victims of this cruel disease.