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Fellow coughers

I am 68h & 3/4, male and have been very fit most of my life, I was running until Jan this year until arthritis in my feet stopped me running, but I’m still ocean swimming several times a week, albeit with a wet suit and an effective but lazy stroke ( I’m still competitive in my agegroup)

 My impairment is low, my lung function still within normal, but I’m still coughing, after 20 years, and about 10 doctors and 4 specialists. Since diagnosis of PF in 2015 my condition and lung function has declined slowly.

I have recently been referred to the lung clinic in Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney , where either an open lung biopsy, or going straight onto anti fibrosis meds have been proposed.

Interestingly with the lung biopsy they are requesting I volunteer for an additional procedure, a new bronchioscope method to ascertain if the less invading bronchioscope procedure can duplicate the open lung biopsy result.

Still not sure which way to go.



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PF of known aetiology

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Pulmonary specialist, South Coast NEW Australia, Interstitiall lung disease clinic Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney

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My symptoms are only at the annoying stage, I have been coughing for 20 years despite several attempts to discover why, it was only in 2015 that PF became noticable.

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