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  • ray-hastings

    May 3, 2019 at 2:08 pm in reply to: Receiving Multiple Lung Transplants

    this is in regards to travel.  you will have a difficult time taking 02 bottles on a plane. 02 concentrators are acceptable are allowed.  there are companies online that rent scooters for use on ships and at some land based locations. they deliver and pick up from the location so it is easy to get and us them.  it is best to send an email to the airline in advance to make sure you get the requirement of thee 02 most domestic air lines have a form on line the you can fell out and submit, just give a couple of weeks for them to process bbuut it will be added to your airline records. YOU CAN DO  the same for wheels chair transport in the terminal. I usually fly delta and they have been grrat


  • ray-hastings

    September 13, 2018 at 10:08 am in reply to: Portable oxygen

    I have the simply go anti works well. i bought it several years ago. it goes from 1 to 6 litters and works well 24/7. my wife and i travel a lot and the airlines allow it onboard and you can use onboard. it is best to register it with the airline before you travel.

    bought mine online but it would be better to buy local, if possible. i am  going on 3 years and no problems. there is no routine maintenance .

    none of the insurance i have covers the cost. some things to ask about

    does the seller have a loaner program in case you need to have it repaired

    my unit cost about$2500. bought 2 extra batteries and a charger as extra from Amazon

    it is a little heavy buy with the trolley that comes  with the machine it is easy to move

    if you need more than 6L this is not for you

    god luck




  • ray-hastings

    August 7, 2018 at 9:49 am in reply to: Starting Esbriet

    i am starting my3rd year on Esbriet . the things i have discovered is

    (1) never take the pills on an empty stomach. (2) it its ok to miss a dose occasionally without starting over

    another resource when your insurance turns down your request for coverage is your state’s insurance commission.  my experience in insurance coverage comes from  15 years employment with 2 health insurance companies .

    i get my prescriptions from the VA which bills my insurance company.

  • ray-hastings

    July 28, 2018 at 6:14 pm in reply to: How Do You Wear Your Oxygen Cannula?

    hi chuck
    I wear mine with the tubing in front of me and it works for me.I tried it running thru my shirt and down but the tubing can get crimped, I some times lose the cannula during the night but my machine beeps and wakes me ip.

    good luck

  • Charlene, the VA now has a video setup where patients can communicate with their providers. A good many providers also have similar.

    I live in North Carolina and my main provider is the Raleigh Durham VA. i Had a problem getting the VA pharmacy to provide Esbert when it was fist prescribed. We were living in Connecticut at the time and was dealing with the Hartford VA. A nurse practitioner that worked in the Pulmonary department took it on herself to talk to the Yale Pulmonary head of department. I met with her and she wrote a letter to the VA pharmacy and they approve my prescription and i Have been taking it for the past 4years. My advice to William is to arrange to see a Pulmonary specialist at the VA and work with them to get 7our medication. If thy do not have a program call the choice program which will allow you to see a non VA provider and the VA will pay for it. I currently see doctors at the VA,Duke and the UNC hospital. I am not aware of any support groups in my area.