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Female 72.  I have been recently diagnosed with CPFE after an exacerbation, now know it was my second one, first 5 years ago.  My Fibrosis was caused by prolonged inhalation of zinc chloride smoke, I was a solderer for 25 years.  I live in France, alone, as I have been widowed for nearly 8 years, husband died of fibrosis and small cell lung cancer, same factory.  I am not a depressive type person but have a need to know everything so as to help myself as much as possible, I know my outlook is bleak but I have to survive my rescue dogs !!

Looking for ANY help I can get, have changed my diet and am drinking more water, the diet change has helped with the severe acid reflux, none now  and drinking more has definitely stopped the excessive swelling of my lower limbs.  Got gall bladder problems as of a month ago plus painful wrists and right sided back pain.


Supposed to go on Esbriet next week but have delayed it until November because I have a holiday home with full bookings until November, hard enough to cope with as it is now let alone if I have side effects from the Esbriet.

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