• Tammy posted an update 2 years ago

    @christie-patient I do not have any digestive issues other than from when I had gastric bypass back in the 90s. I do have some constipation but I am anemic and take iron. I sometimes feel full but im.not sure if its because I lost 56lbs since September. I walked a lot. I do have a hiatil hernia.

    • Oh! Well a hiatal hernia was one of the things I was thinking of! My guess would be that your symptoms are related to that, as it is a disruption in the diaphragm, between the stomach and lungs. The stomach bulging into the chest cavity could explain the shortness of breath, full feeling, trouble breathing deeply, and the heart flutters. If I were you, I’d go to the doc and have them check and see if your hernia has enlarged since it was last checked. An endoscopy could tell you a lot. Especially with a history of gastric bypass, it’d be worth investigating. My other thought was GERD, but if you don’t have heartburn or anything, that’s not likely. Anyway, just a jr. detective here but I think the haital hernia is a good place to start in regard to your recent symptoms. Let us know what the doc says!

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