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  • Tim

    May 5, 2022 at 6:05 pm in reply to: Telling your family

    After my diagnosis I researched IPF and found that many of us live with it longer than
    much of the literature shows. One of my daughters is a nurse and was with me when we
    got the diagnosis. She has been quite helpful in explaining this disease to the other
    adult children. They all took the news like adults. I think partly because I’m
    81 and have survived 4 heat attacks, a 5 way bypass, 3 bouts with 3 different cancers and
    a number of other maladies and am still here. I guess they figure IPF is not going to
    take me down very soon as long as I’m careful. So.. I’d say that if your children are
    adults they will probably take the news ok. I think its better to let everyone know
    so they won’t feel so much pain if the end comes quickly and they wish they had known
    while you were still here. Remember when you start each day that yesterday is gone
    and tomorrow may never be yours.

    Tim J.