patientMpower Share Tool Lets PF Patients Keep Others Up-to-date on Progress

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patientMpower share tool

Credit: patientMpower

The patientMpower digital healthcare app now offers a “share” tool that allows patients with pulmonary fibrosis and like conditions to easily keep caregivers, friends, and family members aware of their progress, according to a blog on the company’s website.

The interactive mobile platform — the basis of the company’s winning IPF Catalyst Challenge entry — was designed to help patients better manage their health. The system allows them to track their disease using integrated monitors that include spirometry and pulse oximetry data, two measures of lung function capacity and blood oxygenation.

With the new tool, patients can also choose to easily share their progress with family, health professionals, and others going through similar experiences. This feature, which includes protective elements, is intended to provide additional support to patients.

“Our goal at patientMpower is to EMPOWER you to have better outcomes by helping you manage your health,” the blog, written by Eamonn Costello, states. “Sharing your progress with your loved ones … can have a very positive effect on your well-being. Based on the feedback from our community of patientMpower users, we have been working on new developments of the platform to help you share your progress easily with close friends, family members, or caregivers.”

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Both the patient and recipient need to have the patientMpower app installed on their devices. The patient selects the share button, and the recipient accepts the invitation. After these few steps, a friend or caregiver will be able to view the patient’s health data charts and follow progress.

patientMpower share tool

Credit: patientMpower

Such  information will only be accessible if the patient sends out the invitation, and a third person cannot share other people’s information. Also, the information will only be viewable and cannot be edited by others.

PatientMpower said this recent software update resulted from the feedback it received from users of the platform, and was supported by the IPF Catalyst Challenge award announced in January. This is the second update that was made possible with the support of that funding.

The patientMpower 2.0 version is free and available for download via the Google Play store and Apple store for devices that have the latest Android or iOS operating system.

The company announced the release of a new a platform, called patientMpower for Lung Transplant, in April. It worked with lung transplant specialists and recipients to develop an app specifically tailored to fulfill the complex needs of people who have received a lung transplant.