Last Week’s Hot Topic on Pulmonary Fibrosis



Last week’s hot topic on pulmonary fibrosis was Fibrotic Pathways in IPF May Have a Common Protein and New Treatment Target written by Magdalena Kegel.

This article is focused on how a  motor protein called myosin II was identified in a recent study to be a driver of fibrosis development — a finding with a notable potential to lead to improved treatments for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).

The authors believe that targeting myosin II could be an effective way to halt lung fibrosis, as well as fibrosis in other organs. “Future studies will focus on understanding this signaling through myosin II in more detail, and specifically in IPF (by using fibroblasts and lung tissue from actual patients with IPF). We will also start to look at ways to manipulate myosin II signaling as a potential treatment for fibrotic disorders,” the authors said.


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