What is Pulmonary Rehabilitation?


In this video from DeKalb Medical North Decatur, discover more about pulmonary rehabilitation and how these exercises are “designed to improve the quality of life for patients with chronic lung disease.”

Learn more about pulmonary fibrosis: http://bit.ly/1VElTQA

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  1. J. Turbes-Shaw says:

    The prevalence of recommended pulmonary rehab. for IPF patients still hasn’t reached the HMO industry. For example, Kaiser of Colorado avoids even mentioning much less prescribing rehab. to IPF patients — at an altitude that is anything but IPF-friendly!

  2. jorge garreton says:

    I’m a IPF survivor patient thanks to a lung trasplant in 2013..from the 3erd day after the trasplant I started doing exercise ..first 15 min and 1 month later I was doing 1 hour gym until today that I spend 2 hours in the gym….The IPF is almost gone and only have to take tacrolimus&certican inmunosupressors to keep my new lung protected against the attacks of my T cells ..each new day is a blessing..

  3. Ann Squires says:

    My husband has IPF and is going through the process to get on the transplant list. We live in an area where a formal pulmonary rehab is a long distance away.

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