Respiratory Muscle Exercises for Pulmonary Fibrosis


Having trouble breathing while you suffer from a pulmonary disease such as pulmonary fibrosis, is one of the most common and life-threatning symptoms. There are several treatments to help ease these symptoms, such as medication, oxygen therapy and pulmonary rehabilitation. Breathing exercises can be of an extreme help because it will teach you how to control your breathing. In this video from ManagingSOB, shared in 2011, it is discussed how to strengthen the respiratory muscles with respiratory muscle exercises.

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  1. Virginia says:

    Thank you so much for helping ppl the way you do❣ wish my Mom could have done this❣❣❣? God Bless xo
    If I can help in any way,pls let me know❣ Tks again?✝

  2. Joyce Douglas says:

    Thank you Charlene for this timely article on guilty feelings. I can certainly relate to this as I get so frustrated at times at not being able to do simple things that I used to be able to and at having to lie down often to recover from being out to the Dr., etc. While I know it is not something my husband minds doing, I feel badly at the amount of time I now need him to help me. He rarely, if ever, complains and is willing to help with laundry, changing the bed, sweeping the floors (I now have a cleaning lady doing floors) even dusting my very dirty collection of Red Hat items. Our son tries to come out to visit more frequently and I so appreciate that. I used to drive in to visit them and pet and house sat for them…not able to do that now. I feel guilty as well as angry that I am unable to do things. One day at a time works well now. Thanks for your valuable messages.

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