The Future of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Treatment


In this video from CME Corner shared in 2016, Dr. Steven Nathan is joined by two prominent pulmonologists, Dr. Marilyn Glassberg and Dr. David Lederer, to participate in a roundtable discussion about the progress against idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).

Find out about eight ongoing research projects for pulmonary fibrosis.

The group talks about the diagnosis of the disease via CAT scans and some of the reasons why patients may develop idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and the prevalence of the condition. The panel also discusses co-morbidities of IPF and the need to continue with regular CAT scans to spot any further health implications, along with future drugs available for IPF and the necessity of patients participating in clinical trials.

Discover the six main diagnostic tools needed for pulmonary fibrosis.

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One comment

  1. Jacqueline K. Kagy says:

    I have IPF and have been on a research drug called fibrogen 3019 since January 2016. For me and many others I know this drug has helped stop and in my case reverse some of the fibrous scarring. I know the drug has been in testing phase for d well over 4 years as I know people that have (had) taken it that long and have remained totally stable. So-here is the problem which I put in a catagory of “corporate greed!!” All the past clients have had their drug tx stopped and mine will stop at end of year. In my support group is the Chairman of the Board of the National Fibrosis Association and he is looking into the issue. So far what he has discovered is Fibrogen is running out of money and has been offered money from other research companies and also to be bought out but is refusing as wants all the profits from what will be a multi million doller drug once FDA approved. They are gearing up for phase 3 and thus don’t have the money to keep us on the drug. We volunteered to test the drug for them and verbally were pretty much assured that we could stay on till FDA approved or denied. Their word is not their bond! We need help to prevent us from declining and of course, dying due to the removal of a drug that obviously can prevent that happening from IPF. As an individual I wield very little power and our research group of 2 at Good Samaritan Hospital in Portland, Oregon, is too small for the research community to take much interest in. However, it is ALL the trial volunteers for past 4+ years that have been removed all over the United States. I don’t know if you can help us or not but I am hoping you can guide me to who can maybe bring Fibrogen out in the light of day and not treat humans as actual Lab Rats!! Thanks for taking the time to read this. I consider this a crime against humanity.

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