6 Common Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue


You can’t concentrate. 

Fatigue also affects people cognitively. Many find it difficult to concentrate, that they forget things, and are easily distracted. Brain fog is a common symptom associated with fatigue and many report being unable to communicate well, often not being able to find the right words when speaking or forgetting people’s names.

Simple tasks zap your emotional energy. 

Completing simple tasks when you have chronic fatigue can seem like climbing a mountain. As well as being physically taxing, fatigue can also be emotionally and mentally taxing. Stressful situations may have you feeling completely overwrought or agitated.

Did you know that pulmonary fibrosis can be difficult to diagnose and treat? 

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  1. Mary Adams says:

    This is one of my questions answered, I get fatigued often and not a good sleeper to begin with and it does affect me in so many ways that the biggest is frustration over not being able to get off the couch or grocery shopping. Yet there is nothing that can be done about it. I can lay around with no sleep for 48 hours until I go into a drop off sleep I call it, good thing I like to read but I would kill for 4-6 hours sleep a night.

  2. Introvert 93 says:

    I get plenty of sleep, and I’m still exhausted most of the time. Any other ideas on how to cope with this?

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