4 Breathing Exercises for Pulmonary Fibrosis

Breathing exercises are important for pulmonary fibrosis patients as they help to better control breathing if they experience a sudden shortness of breath, strengthen their diaphragm and clear excess mucus.

Here are four breathing exercises that may benefit people with pulmonary fibrosis, using information from the Lung Institute and livestrong.com.

Pursed Lip Breathing

Breathing through pursed lips helps to open the airways and make breathing easier. This is useful when experiencing shortness of breath and can also be used as a relaxation aid.

Pursed lips breathing can be done standing, sitting or lying down and begins by relaxing the necks and shoulders. Patients then need to close their mouths and gently inhale through their nose slowly for two seconds. Then with pursed lips breath out slowly for four seconds.

The technique can be repeated as many times as needed and the length of time taken to inhale and exhale may be extended.

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  1. Cindy Yergo says:

    I have beginning stages of COPD as well as having the upper two lobes of my left lung removed due to lung cancer. I find it extremely difficult to climb stairs, I lose my breath as well as overheating and extreme need to urinate. I need to know how to control this feeling of panic when I need to climb stairs especially since I live in an attic apartment which causes me a lot of stress when I know I need to go out. I’m looking for an exercise to help me reclaim my breath and calm the need to urinate and the increased sweating that comes along with it. Any advice is welcome since it is really affecting my quality of life. Thank you

  2. Honorie Anang says:

    Dear friend
    My advice to you is learn to pace yourself in everything that you do, regular breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. Also join exercise group with people with similar condition or COPD.
    Best wishes

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