8 Tips For Protecting Your Lungs From Unhealthy Air

If you have a chronic lung condition, you’ll need to protect your lungs from being further irritated by unhealthy air. We’ve put together a list of ways to help protect your lungs against unhealthy air using information from the American Lung Association.

Check the daily air pollutant forecasts. 
There are sites on the internet and cellphone apps where you can find out the levels of air pollution in your local area. Checking these daily can help you plan your week, helping you avoid being outside or limit your time outside when the pollution levels are high.

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Try both indoor and outdoor exercise
If pollutions levels are high then avoid exercising outside. Either visit your local gym or exercise at home. Indoor shopping malls are good locations for indoor walking if you can’t go outside. Try not to exercise in places where there is a high level of traffic—traffic fumes can pollute areas up to a third of a mile away.

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Reduce your carbon footprint. 
Using less electricity at home is one way to reduce your carbon footprint which helps to create healthy air for everyone. Reducing the number of car trips you make will also help. Travel by bicycle or public transport, or car share instead.  Walk short distances instead of jumping in the car.

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  1. Lesleaball says:

    My sister has just been diagnosed with this she is 71 and has been in hospital for two months in and out with eomomia she seems to be ok but the cold weather affects her she is on oxygen most of the time and has a lot of pain from her arthritis what is her chances

  2. Jacqueline Smith says:

    I find it very difficult to breathe when it is very cold outside.
    I tuck my oxygen tubing under my jacket and I often wear a mask to help cut the cold. If your sister does not go to a rheumatologist perhaps she can try a regular regimen of Ibuprofen for her pain.

  3. Judy Feldman Rubin says:

    I use Aleve daily. I’m not yet diagnosed but they ruled out sarcoidosis and cancer. I’m trying to learn what I can …8/27/18-need video assisted testing to take a piece of my lung. Then bed rest for 2-3 weeks. Judy
    I’m 59. But have had lots of stress. Can it be related to stress or rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis. I heard yes to psoriatic. Never went to rhuemotologist cause they just prescribe medications.

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