7 Famous People Who Lost Their Battle With Pulmonary Fibrosis


Pulmonary fibrosis (PF) is a chronic lung disease where the tissue in the lungs becomes scarred and stiffens over time. Like all diseases, PF does not discriminate and there have been many celebrities who have suffered from the condition. Sadly, some have lost their lives to the disease.

According to Wikipedia, here are seven famous people who lost their fight with pulmonary fibrosis.

Sheila Matthews Allen
Sheila Matthews Allen was a Hollywood actress famous for roles in the films Poseidon Adventure and Towering Inferno and TV shows like Lost in Space and The Waltons. Allen passed away in November 2013 after a prolonged battle with pulmonary fibrosis. She was 84 years old.

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  1. Bob Bradley says:

    Here’s another celeb-victim, Robert Goulet. On September 30, 2007 he was hospitalized & diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. Goulet died on October 30, 2007 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, while awaiting a transplant.

  2. Please remove me from this I can’t take anymore my father mother brother , brother , sister , friend suffered so bad with this, and now look at all of the famous people that died with this don’t you feel lucky. I ha e ipf and I know I’m going to die from this but until then there are medications , diet ,exercise that help some people but that would be positive . No more doom and gloom for me ,please remove me I have tried twice before.

    • Tim Bossie says:

      We are sorry for the problems you are having with unsubscribing from the newsletter. Please use the Unsubscribe link in the newsletter.

    • I have pulmonary fibrosis myself and so does a lot of people yet to be diagnosed.
      Rather than hide from it, become proactive. Diet and exercise will not help with the exception of pulmonary breathing exercise.
      Pneumonia , smoking, and chemicals are the culprits.

    • Estia Solana says:

      My husband received a double lung transplant in December. He is doing well. Check with Barnes Jewish Hospital in St.Louis, MO Lung Transplant. He is 74 years old. Please check into this. They can save your life! God be with you!

    • Pamela says:

      Were going to “live” because of this. I’m with you, no Doom or gloom. My mother graduated from life, as it is known by us, from IPF. I have it, imagine, she showed me into life and showed me how to graduate from it. Thank you my mother. Long live us.

      • Edith says:

        Hey Pamela, my brother, who is 54 and I both are diagnosed with PF. He is started on medication call, Ofer, but I’m still waiting for confirmation. I’m 60 years old, I’m oxygen 2L 24/7. I wanted to know, my breathing get better and I will come off of oxygen?

  3. Alene Tudor says:

    People who are important to us have this terrible disease. Dear Jesus, touch them and please help the medical people find a cure. Amen.

  4. I don’t think this posted. I have PF from many bouts of pneumonia, smoking, and chemical odors from house hold cleaners.
    We should be proactive rather than hide from it. Like COPD, it is terminal and we all have to face it. I am a retired nurse and seen the end results of this. We just pray we go out easy with medication and I don’t mean assisted suicide. Prayers works wonders.

    • Julie Gerren says:

      Our pulmonologist said none of those things cause IPF. I believe him. That is why it is called idiopathic, because no one knows what causes it but they have eliminated those links.

  5. Dot Davis says:

    I, too, was about to be offended by the trucking out of famous IPF victims, but my husband pointed out that it’s a great way to draw the attention so desperately needed to get the word out about this disease. My beloved brother-in-law lost his battle with IPF two years ago. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve told about him who had NEVER even heard of it. God bless all of you on this group!!

  6. Anna Shiels says:

    I never heard of IPF until my brother got it , sadly he passed away, two months later my sister passed with the same disease , and 18 months later I lost a younger sister to the same disease, like me numerous people have never heard of this dreadful disease. The more people made aware the better, Gob bless you all.

    • Della says:

      I was just diagnosed with this disease a few months ago my oxygen stayed in the upper 80s for over a year I went to the er numerous times over coughing smothering
      Ect. And then after visiting my doctor she sent me for numerous test and then I found out I had pulmonary fibrosis one week later I was smothering had to go to er my oxygen was 86 they sent me home on an oxygen and now I have this huge oxygen machine here at home and an oxygen machine everywhere I go. This has caused me depression how do I cope with this. I go to a lung specialist in Aug. how do I cope with this

      • B J Fisher says:

        Do you have one of the small oxygen converters that you can carry like a handbag over your shoulder? My husband has IPF and this small unit as changed his outlook, he even goes out and plays golf, slowly, but he is doing it. He has two of them so one is always charging…your insurance may cover it. Each day is a gift and none of us knows when our last day is, so we just need to milk every day for the most we can get out of it. There are so many people with terrible problems, please don’t feel alone and don’t waste the precious days you do have being sad.

  7. Susan Searcy says:

    I have been sick for the past for years going back and forth to the hospital ER and to my pcp. They all told me there was nothing wrong with me, I was accused of injecting sayleen into my feet to make them swell. Now I have 2years or less. I’m only 55. I was just diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis last month. The medical community needs to be educated on IPF. I should have been diagnosed when I had a job, good insurance, life insurance, short term and long term disability. Now im on welfare trying to get disability. Medicaid won’t pay for my medicine. I have not been able to work since 2016. I don’t know what to do.

  8. Bostjan says:

    My mom died from it on 2.4.2019. I exactly know what IPF does. I am diagnosed of IPF since last October. The process has started. Love and light to all.

  9. Simone Thomson says:

    I have read all of your comments above and as far as I know I do not have IPF at this stage but you must know I certainly relate to each and everyone of your stories. Last year we lost my dear father very quickly to IPF on 16 November 2018. Dad was officially diagnosed early March 2017. I am still very traumatised by what I saw in the last three weeks of dad’s life. My prayers go up for each one of you as we journey together along the path of IPF. God bless each and everyone of you.

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