What You Need to Know About Ofev


Ofev (nintedanib) is a drug used in the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). The anti-fibrotic therapy is made by the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim and was approved by the FDA in October 2014 and by the European Commission in January 2015.

MORE: New knowledge about Ofev and Esbriet may lead to better lung fibrosis treatment.

Ofev slows down the progression of IPF by blocking tyrosine kinase enzymes which contribute to collagen growth. Slowing collagen growth leads to less fibrosis in the lungs and a longer life expectancy. Ofev has also been found to reduce the risk of serious flare-ups in IPF patients.

The drug is in capsule form and the recommended dose is 150mg tablets taken twice a day, ideally with food or before eating. Patients who cannot tolerate 300mg a day may be prescribed a lower dose.

Common side effects associated with Ofev include nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain, appetite loss, weight loss, high blood pressure and increased liver enzymes. Ofev is not advised for patients who suffer from moderate or severe liver problems. Those who have mild liver problems may be prescribed a lower dose of the drug and have their liver enzymes monitored. Find out more about Ofev here.

MORE: Boehringer Ingelheim enrolls the first PF-ILD patient in Phase 3 trial of Ofev therapy.

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  1. perry mcgee says:

    I have been on OFEV for 13 months now. during that time two ct scans show very little if any progress of the fibrosis.
    My doctor and myself are very pleased with this medication but there are several side effects that you must adjust to. But it is worth it.

    • Russ Wyckoff says:

      Can you tell me what you have experienced with liters of oxygen needed over time frames? I’ve been on Ofev 150mg for 6 months. How long have you been on oxygen?
      Please give me information about your experiences in as much detail you are willing to give me.I know they very from person to person, but we know we have a lot in common, IPF.
      Thank you! Russ

      • Gene says:

        I hope someone has let know how it works. I panicked when I heard the price. My insurance pays about 65% of mine. Call Opendoors and talk to them they may can help you. I am praying for your daddy. Their phone number is 18666736366

  2. Carl says:

    I have been on OFEV for nearly two years after having a rough time with side effects from the prior Esbiriet Rx.The OFEV is well tolerated,just a little stomach unease if not taken with a meal.I have lost weight,nearly 10% of my total weight.I was diagnosed with IPF nearly 8 years ago and my FVC has declined slowly.I use supplemental oxygen when exercising and have some breathlessness but doing pretty well.My Medicare advantage plan pays virtually all the cost of OFEV after a $250 per month copay.I definitely think it has slowed the progression but have no strong objective measure.O2 saturation level is 95% resting and 88 to 92 when active.

  3. Susan Thomas says:

    Has anyone gone off Ofev for a few months and then returned? If so was there any noticeable changes to your progression? How about the side effects? Any information would be helpful. Thanks

  4. Shirley Wilcox says:

    I would like to know how long does the diarreha last when you first start taking Ofev? I started these pills 7-30-18, on the 3 rd. day I got very sick with diarreha , I don’t know how to get through the day if it keeps up a long time, any help some one can send me I would be thankful. The only side effects I had for 2 1/2 days was light headedness. I can live with that but I hope to not have to live with being in the bath room for a long time. Thanks , Shirley

    • Rheal Lacroix says:

      Hi Shirley.
      I have been on OFEV for 1 year.
      I find my diet is the cure for the diarrhea.
      Bananas . Rice pudding. Toast.

      The main thing is to eat food with your dosage..

    • Joy Jurkiw says:

      I had a couple of bouts of severe diarrhea. Then I got
      Smart.In the morning when I first get up I take a 2mg
      Tablet of Immodium,it’s to stop diarrhea. Before eating or going out to eat I also take Immodium!
      This has helped immensely!
      No of diarrhea. Read the packaging.


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