6 Ways to Help You Take Care of Your Lungs


Drink lots of water. 
Your lungs need water as much as the rest of your body. Staying hydrated helps the mucus lining in the lungs stay thin, which helps them perform better. If the mucus becomes too thick, it can lead to lung infections.

Laugh a lot. 
Like the soul, laughing is good for the lungs. The action of laughing gives your abdomen and diaphragm a workout. Deep belly laughs help to force out stale air from the lungs.

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Stay physically active. 
Moderate exercise is excellent for maintaining lung health. Your lungs will thank you for just 20 minutes a day of exercise that leaves you slightly short of breath, like fast walking or cycling.

Join a breathers’ club. 
The Better Breathers Club (which is run by the American Lung Foundation) is great for people who have compromised lung health. Pulmonary rehabilitation can also help to improve lung function for those living with lung diseases.

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One comment

  1. Jim Smallwood says:

    Excellent articles.
    I have begun to expect that childhood exposures to fiberglass and asbestos are potential culprits to my lungs issues.
    As kids we made a game of the large piles of build materials our dad hauled onto our property to be burned. We would run through the refuse and continually add materials to create our bonfires. Also tires ,inner tubes ,glass of all kinds and tons of asbestos siding and tar paper.

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