4 Factors that Impact Pulmonary Fibrosis Prevention


Pulmonary fibrosis (PF) is a respiratory disease where lung tissue becomes hardened, which eventually turns into scar tissue (a.k.a. fibrosis). Unfortunately, there aren’t any existing strategies to prevent PF, but there are a number of factors that affect your PF risk.

Smoking: Like with many respiratory diseases, smoking plays a key role in the development of pulmonary fibrosis. Therefore, quitting smoking as soon as possible lowers the risk of developing the disease.

Toxins: People should also take care not to be exposed to other toxins, such as asbestos and bird and animal droppings, and to use a mask when necessary to eliminate the risk of exposure.

MORE: Caregiver to a PF patient? Here are three useful resources.

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  1. J E Rentas says:

    For years my chest Xrays were showing some granulomas or scars and the radiologists seem not to have any idea what was happening. It was not until Nov 2014 that I got Pneumonia and was hospitalized and had a CT scan that I was told to have PF. It has not affected me too hard yet.I get difficult breathing when I do any type of excersice.Ialso suffer CHF which also affects breathing. I use oxygen sporadically when needed.I use a rescue medihaller when needed. I will be 84 next month and I feel stable as of now.I know I was exposed to cigarette smoke,asbesto and chemicals in a Chemical Plant I worked 27 years.
    I went through a very serious situation in 2015 when I thought was the end. Irecovered and I am thankful to God that have me still here.

  2. geoff says:

    only real way to diagnose PF properly is through a lung biopsy which was done with me; happy post transplant patient celebrated 5 years last fall feel blessed every day I wake up; I take nothing for granted anymore ; saw one of my sons marry last fall what a humbling day for me just to be there ; truly blessed ; still write to my Dr twice a month for 5 years thank you notes

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