7 Airway Clearance Techniques


Autogenic Drainage (AD)
Autogenic drainage helps to move the mucus from the smaller airways to the larger ones. It is done by varying breathing speeds and inhaling to different levels and adjusting the exhaled breath. Because AD takes practice to perfect the technique, it is not usually recommended for children under the age of eight.

Chest Physical Therapy (CPT)
Chest physical therapy is also known as Postural Drainage and Percussion (PDP) and requires the patients to get into different positions so that the mucus can drain from the lungs. This is then followed up by the percussion of the chest — where the chest is clapped and vibrated to help move the mucus.

High-Frequency Oscillating Vest
This inflatable vibrating vest helps the dislodge mucus and move it into the larger airways. The vest is used in conjunction with huffing to release mucus.

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