• Denny posted an update 2 years, 11 months ago

    @charlene-marshall Do you remember who is taking the WEI Lab herbs? Was it Steve or John Styles?

    • Hi Denny, nice to hear from you! I don’t believe it was John, I think it is @steve-dragoo. You started Wei Lab products upon returning home, right Steve? 🙂

      • @charlene-marshall

        Hi Charlene – Yes it’s me on Wei. Dennis reached out. I believe it is helping quite a lot as I am handling the harsh environment of the Philippines and no O2 for 2 weeks. I have had very little symptoms at all except a little out of breath for a few seconds sometimes when I climb the stairs. O2 meter says the same as when in USA steady at 96 – 97. Saw 99 for a few seconds a few days ago. Also very little harsh cough… Steve

        • Great Steve, I think that I mentioned that I started feeling a big boost in the third week of the WEI products, it got me back playing hockey at a high level. I hope it keeps working for you, I believe in their herbs for every condition. They have herbs for mucus, for cough, for infection, for GERD, etc.

        • I am so happy to hear this @steve-dragoo, wonderful news! I know Denny mentions regularly how satisfied he is with these products so I am thrilled to hear they are working for you. Were they expensive if I may ask? 🙂

          • Hi Charlene @charlene-marshall and Denny @deliassen ,

            Wei has helped – just can’t say how much at this point because the city environment here is harsh but very little cough and not substantial at all. Pretty much cured the lung mucus with serrapeptase and like the side benefits of reduced varicose veins and the other cleaning effects it has on the body.

            Haven’t been on any O2 for almost 3 weeks but will purchase a unit here before we fly to Kuala Lumpur for use at night with my CPAP at home.

            Thanks again for the thought s, help, and comments.

            Success and health to yous…

            • Thanks so much for sharing Steve, this is such great news! Did you find you developed more prominent/obvious varicose veins since your PF diagnosis? I cannot imagine they are related but your mention of them is so timely. I noticed some really dark ones, and a big patch on the back of my knee… so dark it could almost be a bruise (it isn’t, though) and I’ve never had this before. Maybe it is just part of getting older? Lol. Thanks for writing!

              • Hi Charlene,

                I have had the varicose veins for at least 10 years and they are most likely related to being diabetic and over weight back then. Since I don’t take any prescriptions for IPF – just several different supplements – I don’t know if what you are experiencing is IPF related or something from any prescriptions you may be using.

                When I started taking supplements, it was clear lung and astragalus last August. Stopped clear lung after one month but continued the astragalus and added serrapeptase. Increased the serra twice but it started clearing lung mucus in just a few days. Can’t say exactly when I noticed the veins disappearing but about 30 – 45 days into serra (long before K-laser). So I am pretty sure it is responsible for that however it could work better with the other things I slowly added over the past 8 – 9 months – just not sure. I know it is very useful for me and I brought over a 9 month supply to the Philippines.

                I recommend serrapeptase based on my experience but through out a big caution – now the different way a dose is measured and ALWAYS take far away from any other pills, avoid food for 2 – 3 hours before and after.

                Hope this helps… Steve

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