• Denny posted an update 2 years, 2 months ago

    @let666 I am registered at U of M and will begin the study shortly. What I like about GLPG1690 is that only one third of the patients get a placebo. Im excited about it.

    • Thank you Denny for your update. Mark

    • Denny,
      What I am not sure about is if GLPG 1690 can reverse some of fibrosis stiffness and scarring or if it just stops from getting worse. Do you know?

      • They say early testing has shown that it MAY reverse the disease but I think the best thing for the scarring may be the laser that many are doing on this site, plus serrapeptase gets rid of dead protein in the body (scarring).

      • I just got my paperwork today in the mail and U of M is only taking 5 recruits so I don’t know if I will make it after I am screened. However, my disease has not progressed since I took Chinese herbs 2 years ago from WEI Labs and my last function test in June was my best so far!

        • Denny
          Any thoughts on if Laser or Chinese herbs helped you the most. I am skeptical about the Chinese herbs.

          • I don’t know of anyone who has not been helped significantly taking the herbs. They made a huge difference for me and some people on this forum, Steve Dragoo, Dr Andy Hall and a couple others. Steve was able to go off oxygen while taking them and Andy Hall noticed a difference too. I know of a patient that had a tumor shrunk taking different herbs and they cured my esophagus/GERD situation that I had for years. I had great luck with acupuncture so I truly believe in the Eastern medicine approach. If you talk to Cassie she can tell you of the many that have been helped by them. I have not done laser yet.

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