• Denny posted an update 2 years, 8 months ago

    @kristina I took the WEI Lab herbs in July of 2017 when my breathing was going down significantly because I play hockey. I took them for 2 months in July after my diagnosis, one month twice in 2018 and one month in April. I have taken herbs for 3 different conditions and they have worked very well even curing my GERD. My 5 function tests have all improved and my last one in June was the best yet, my DLCO was 59% and now is 89%. All of my other numbers are between 120% and 160% because I am in good shape. THEY WORK! They helped Randy, Steve and a couple others on this forum. Make sure that Randy gets you a discount from Cassi at WEI because I can get you one. Good luck with them. I am back playing hockey and I am at the top of my game!!

    • Thanks Denny…I’m a little skeptical, especially considering the $900 price tag….if they work it would be awesome, if not …..and I would have to take at least 3 months worth….I need to think more througly and unfortunately I can’t find anything on the internet about wei, which is a red flag for me, just their own referrals…

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