• jaime L manriquez posted an update 2 years, 4 months ago

    @charlene-marshall Hello charlene , long time no post, Well my flegm ordeal has tapered down quite a bit
    I credited to prednisone for it , but only 5mg a day for a long time use. The bad news is that my IPF itis progressing more quickly now. Remember I was diagnose late 2012, now I´m on oxygen 24/7 almost. Can´t do anything physically ,if so , have to use 6 lt oxygen and still got out of breath. Thats the way it is.
    Wonder if I could ask , are you familiar with the herbs of Wei Institute?…
    anyways wanted to say hello and , by the way how are you coping with ofev, remember I quit both, OFEV and PIRFENIDONE because of side effects. I have done not bad almost 9 years , it ll be 10 if I make it to the end of 2021. Best regards to you and the fellow members

    • Hi @jaimeluciano, nice to hear from you — thanks for the update on how you’re doing. I’m glad to hear the phlegm order has subsided, I know that can be so difficult to navigate. I know a lot of patients who are on a low dose/maintenance dose of prednisone, so I’m glad that is helping though so sorry to hear about the faster progression of IPF.

      I have heard of people on our forums using the Wei institute herbs but I’ve not tried them personally. It’s hard for me to not to be skeptical about things like this (not sure why) but I do know others have sworn that they’re helpful.

      I’m doing pretty well thanks, managing my day-to-day with Ofev well, though it really took some time and effort to manage the side effects. Thanks for the update and I hope you continue to manage ok. Keep in touch!

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