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  • Jim Wiggins

    June 15, 2021 at 3:27 pm in reply to: Severe neck and shoulder pain

    Please get a second opinion on your Prednisone prescription. I was diagnosed with IPF 2 years ago and placed on it for a year. It weakened my bones and I ended up with 13 compressed vertebrae, 5 surgeries, and the loss of 5 inches, resulting in constant pain in back and rib cage on top of my pelvic bone.

    I hope better things for your father.

  • Jim Wiggins

    December 8, 2020 at 3:11 pm in reply to: How does taking Prednisone help IPF patients

    I was diagnosed with IPF a year and a half ago (may have had it for at least six months before diagnoses) and was immediately placed on Prednisone with 10-15 mgs.  After a year on Prednisone I had 13 vertebrae that compressed.  I has Kyphoplasty on all 13 vertebrae but have lost 5.5 inches of height and now my ribcage rests on my pelvic bone and many vertebrae are misaligned causing much pain. Only laying in bed gives me any relief.  A new pulmonologist is monitoring my lung progress but I am having a difficult time getting treatment for the side effects of the compressed vertebrae.  Pain patches do not work.  A Wellness Chiropractor I went to refused to deal with my repaired back.  I’m getting another MRI to determine treatment for neck pain that has come on me that my chiropractor has not been able to treat.  I’ll keep you posted.  Jim

  • Jim Wiggins

    October 12, 2021 at 7:25 pm in reply to: How does taking Prednisone help IPF patients


    I had shared this before. I was prescribed Prednisone in 2019 for what was diagnosed as inflammation of my lungs at a 20 mg dose. I was on it for a year and I experienced 13 vertebrae collapsing. When I asked my pulmonary doctor if I was improving lung wise, he said “I dont know what you have.”
    I switched pulmonary doctors and my new doctor immediately said I have IPF. But the damage was done to my spine and the loss of 5 1/2″ of height and my ribcage resting on top of my hips has rendered me pretty much home bound.

    I cannot recommend Prednisone. I believe I should only have been on a lower dose for a shorter time. Now I’m getting a Prolia shot every six months to rebuild my bone strength.
    Make sure your doctor knows what you ought to be taking.


  • Was placed on Prednisone for IPF diagnosed as inflamation. After one year and 13 compressed vertebrae i was taken off, but the damage was done. Losr 20 pounds and 5.5 inches of height. Rib cage now rests on hips, cannot walk without pain. Never again will i take Prednisone.