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    Hi. Betty….the laser therapy I have been “enjoying” since last February is done with the Laser IV as Dr. Hall described in his response to your inquiry. It truly is a very calming warmth that I “enjoy” along with such gratitude for Dr. Hall’s commitment to get the word out to people like myself and their caregivers that this treatment (in accordance with correct treatment protocol) has proved to be life-enhancing for Dr. Hall himself as well as so many IPF patients who in my case, are at a stage of severity that precludes medication and/or lung transplantation.
    I just finished doing 5 loads of laundry with my oxygen at 3lpm, whereas the mere thought of doing any laundry at all prior to treatment was just that. A thought. I have slowed down from my former “woman- with-a-purpose” self when it comes down to cleaning and the like, but in many respects my slower life is so much more fulfilling than ever before.
    Laser IV treatment has been so totally worth trying for me. I don’t know your IPF history but upon reading your post and Dr. Hall’s response, I felt compelled to describe the warmth of my actual treatments and how this calming warmth has so positively affected every aspect of my life! I send good thoughts and blessings to you, Betty!

    • Thanks Marsha, i’ll Start in May.

      • Hi Marsha,
        You know, it’s posts like yours that make all my effort SO worthwhile! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am to know that things have changed for the better for you! I will be anxious to hear how your recent PFT compared to the last one…….

        • I couldn’t agree with you more @drandyhall! I am so happy for you @marshaharris and so glad you’re able to do more around the house, even with your 02 and most importantly of all, that you feel your life is more fulfilling than ever before. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us; it warmed my heart and I am so grateful that you’re willing to take the time to share your experience with new members of the forum as well, or to those who are inquiring. Personal experiences really mean a lot to others! Thank you for being such a special part of our online community 🙂
          Hugs to you!

        • @drandyhall
          Happy Friday, Charlene and Andy! Thank you for your kind words re: my post to Betty last week…you guys rock!!
          All the possible positive effects of Class IV Laser therapy showed up in the numbers of my PFT! BAM!! FVC up to 82 from 76 a year ago and FEV up to 86 from 78! Improved oxygenation? Yes!

          I am doing the 6-minute walk this afternoon (a mix up in that it hadn’t been ordered earlier) and you will have copies of all my official results as soon as they are emailed to me. At that time, I’ll post the good news on our Test Results forum.

          My improved energy level continues to allow me to do things that I’ve not done since September 2017, at a much slower rate of speed but that works for me!

          I am filled with gratitude to God, and to both of you for leading me up this path of God’s grace. Thank you.

          • Happy Friday to you!
            I am totally thrilled that you have seen good changes in your PFT. AND it’s very substantial change at that!!! The good thing is that you are feeling improved and able to do more, have improved quality of life, but it is substantiated in your test results. So GLAD you started laser therapy!
            God Bless!

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