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    Hi, Wendy! I just read your post about starting laser therapy and happily want to share my own laser therapy experience. First, please allow me to say that I understand your fears about the possible negative effect it might have on you, given that you are taking prednisone. I was on 5 mg. prednisone and completed laser therapy treatments according to Dr. Hall’s protocol and there was not a single negative side effect at all (including my taking prednisone)!
    I don’t believe there is any potential interaction between laser therapy and drugs. It’s unfortunate that your Dr. doesn’t want to discuss laser therapy with you (most likely because it was not part of his medical education). But I can assure you that Dr. Hall will answer all of your questions and help you feel more secure in your decision to start treatments!

    As for me, laser therapy is the reason my PFT numbers improved after 2 months of treatments (February 2019 – April 2019) and is also the reason for those same numbers improving even more at my most recent PFT in September! At present, I see my chiropractor as needed to relieve inflammation I feel in my thoracic cavity and muscle pain created by the inflammation, about once a month.

    The treatments themselves felt warm on my skin and helped me to relax. After just 2 treatments, my energy level noticeably improved and it felt easier for me to breathe, sometimes immediately and sometimes starting the next morning, lasting a few days or more. FYI, I was diagnosed at 64 years old (in September 2015) and have been on oxygen at 2ml resting and 3-4ml with exertion. I also have GERD and sleep in a bed with my head elevated about 8 inches pretty much for the last 4 years. I also stopped taking prednisone in May 2019 and the only difference I’ve noticed is that I’m back down to a comfortable weight.

    I believe that getting on oxygen will definitely help you breathe easier and I also believe laser therapy is the right choice for you, as it was for me. It’s gentle and non-invasive. To be honest, I looked forward to each and every treatment and as I rounded the bend to completing Dr. Hall’s protocol, I knew I would miss it! The good part is I can schedule an appointment even now and if need be, I will do another series of treatments in a heartbeat should I need it down the road!

    Let’s keep each other posted (no pun intended) about how we’re doing… I send you my best thoughts as you approach your first laser therapy treatment!


    • @marshaharris, just so well said! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Wendy, I am sure it is greatly appreciated. I am so grateful to you and your willingness to share your experiences! Take good care my friend, love hearing from you 🙂

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